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■ Conference Presentation Application Authentication Form
Step-1: Do you have an ID and password to log in the conference presentation application system?
- Please click "Yes" if you are a member of the society or a non-member already registered on the system.
- Please click "No" if you are not a member and it is a first time to register on the system.
Note) System Requirements
This system cannot be used with Windows XP (and older Windows) or feature phones.

PAPAIOS The 28th Conference
Registration and Submission System

This system is to entry of the report, and to submit an abstract and a full paper of your publication
for PAPAIOS The 28th Conference.

We accept the announcement registration of the general session by this system.
You have you advance to "Conference Presentation/Report Application" after login using ID and a password,
and please input a necessary matter according to the instructions of the screen.

You must perform the upload of the manuscript by this system later.
Please contribute all with a PDF file.
Please e-mail the application for plan session to 2017papaios.osaka@gmail.com directly.

*A deadline for report application: June 30, 2017 16:00(JST)
Please be sure to observe the date. / Strict Observance of Time Limits

*A deadline for various upload: Until from the beginning of August to September 25, 2017 18:00
(if you do not do an entry beforehand, is invalid)

*Member, please log in using ID (member number) and a password of oneself.
After the non-member has advance to "No, ID and password are not issued yet",
and temporary ID and a password are acquired; please log in.
Member who forgot ID or a password, please acquire " I have forgot my password." again.
Member, please be careful that the temporary ID for the non-member is not acquired.

*A qualification: Member that a fee for 2016 is paid fully
(please pay the fee unpaid one within three days before a date)

*When an application is completed, a receipt mail be delivered to the mail address you registered,
and you be sure to check the mail, please.
When a mail isn't delivered, your reception isn't complete.

*The person who did an entry here applies from a different participation application system
(the acceptance starts later), and please pay a participation expense.

For more inquiry, please send your e-mail to:

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